Our Standard Video brings your business or product to a wider online audience. We work together with you to create the idea and the script for your video. Afterwards we professionally execute the concept. As the client, the more you prepare for the shoot in terms of organising the location and the extras, the better your results will be. Once we’ve shot the material we go into post-production: we edit, add sound, music and round it all off with a 2D animated logo. Put your business on the digital media stage; with the Standard Video.

You’d like that bit extra? Introducing the Silver Video, with more complexity and fine-tuning. Compared to the Standard Video there are more shoot days, more crew, more logo animation and more rounds of corrections. Again, we work with you to create the unique idea for your video, and we ensure it is skillfully executed. Passion and extensive experience make us your ideal partner. Don’t be surprised if we exceed your expectations. If you’re celebrating an anniversary, or launching a new product which you’d like to make more prominent, then our Silver Video could be the one for you.


3 Animated Advertising

Sometimes an animation will be the best way to convey your message. It can be an exciting way to present more complex inter-related topics. For example to explain the functionality of a product, or to show a particular process. There are many areas in which a well made animation can be used. It can also allow you to incorporate a bit of humour. As with all our Videos we’ll work on the ideas together with you, then we’ll create the Animation including OFF-Text. Easy to understand, dynamic and exciting. Breathe life into your information, with an Animation!


4 Gold Video

The Gold Video is our supreme offer. It doesn’t get much more professional than this! Whether humorous, serious or subtle; your Gold Video is produced according to all the rules of cinematic art. After discussing the project with you, we’ll produce an exact storyboard. The storyboard will help you as the client to visualise the finished film. We’ll engage a team of professionals to produce the film, including actors, extras and a cinema-quality camera. And if there’s anything else you’d like, just ask. With the Gold Video the sky is the limit!