Now that you have your very own Internet TV channel, make sure that it is active.
With four complete episodes to draw attention to special events, or to highlight your most important products. You just supply the content, and our experienced team will produce your episodes in a professional studio, with everything that goes along with it – director, sound, lighting and camera. As the success of Internet TV relies on a changing programme, we offer the four episode parcel. The Polymorph media professionals will ensure your viewers are able to watch top quality episodes on your Internet TV channel!

Organising an event can be a time consuming and costly excercise. Get more mileage out of your events by having them captured on film. With an Event Film you’ll be able to reach a wider audience that was not able to attend, or those who did attend will share the film with their friends, thus generating more interest in the event, and in your business. Increase the success of your events!



Does your business hold presentations that you would like to make available to a wider audience? Would you like an audiovisual record of a seminar or your annual general meeting? Achieving good results in the area of lecture filming takes expertise. We have the experience to take on this challenging task. We’ll discuss your needs with you in advance, then we’ll produce the professionally finished product. Enrich your Internet TV channel with informative content to keep your viewers interested.



For the business that aims high – the Full Internet TV Service. This means: 12 full shoot days in studio, giving you 48 complete episodes, 2 Event Films and 4 Presentation Films. Giving you the opportunity to release a new episode almost weekly, a presentation film quarterly, and an event film half-yearly. This is the best way to cultivate a loyal following for your Internet TV channel. Naturally, the Full Service is not just about quantity, but also the kind of high quality finished products that we create. And that makes for excellent Internet TV.